Secure SD-WAN

Secure SD-WAN: Not Merely a Branch Solution, But a Must-have Technology for your Whole Enterprise!

Secure SD-WAN deservingly remains one of the more in-focus technologies when it comes to an increasingly digitized world, dynamic businesses, their ever-evolving requirements, resulting disruptions, and digital transformation goals.

The sustained and growing interest in a software-defined approach for managing the WAN seems justifiable.

  • SD-WAN brings speedier deployment, fewer complexities, and agility.
  • Better network-application performance and cloud usage.
  • Robust network security.
  • Substantial cost savings and double-digit ROIs within months.

Fast, flexible, and scalable connectivity between network environments – that’s what makes SD-WAN the preferred choice for numerous enterprises across industries. However, can connectivity be the only factor to consider?

Common Challenges?

  • Proper functioning of business-critical applications, especially for organizations that have scaled out SSL/IPSec VPN connections between the core network and their remote workers.
  • Managing connections between environments to prioritize vital local networks and cloud apps.

Isn’t the SD-WAN designed precisely for looking after these concerns? Yes, the Appropriate or the Right One Is! 

Inadequacies of a Less-than-Appropriate SD-WAN

  • Designed for particular environments and restricted number of users.
  • Supports limited use cases.
  • Inhibits the adaptability to changing business demands.
  • Creates new security issues.
  • An overlay security solution is unable to adapt to dynamic connectivity environments, specifically those spanning multiple environments.

The Solution?

A Correctly-Deployed More Relevant Secure SD-WAN, the Indispensable Enterprise Technology, not Confined to the Branch

  • Capable of high flexibility and rapidly scaling from home users/branch offices to high-performance data centers or distributed cloud environments.
  • Ensuring business continuity for extended and continuously expanding remote workforce while accommodating measured infrastructure resources and limited technical staff.
  • Centralized management and zero-touch deployments lead to quicker within-minutes configuration rollouts at scale.
  • Enabling optimum performance of video/audio conferencing, SaaS, and other collaboration applications even for remote users or large groups.
  • Supporting data-center-to-cloud, campus-to-cloud, and work-from-home use cases.
  • Connecting clouds for best-achievable user experiences.
  • Protecting key applications and assets.
  • An SD-WAN device with a full stack of embedded security.
  • Assisting branch offices, data centers, and home users with common security policies.
  • Providing reliable protection across the complete distributed environment.
  • Available in a variety of form factors and virtual versions for addressing large data centers, branch offices, small home offices, remote sites’ needs, and cloud deployments.

Possible SD-WAN Use Cases

  • Home Offices:
  • On-demand remote access.
  • Dynamically scalable performance, irrespective of the local network availability.
  • Consistent connectivity and carrying out business-critical activities through SD-WAN desktop appliance with built-in LTE.  
  • Branch:
  • Advanced routing and cloud on-ramp for supporting intricate branch deployments.
  • Reducing dependence on point products ill-equipped for managing traffic congestion across public networks.
  • Integrated security for protecting direct connections to cloud and internet applications/services.
  • Data Center:
  • Traditional SD-WAN for accessing pivotal data center applications/resources.
  • A high-performance solution for steady and secure connectivity in environments with data centers sharing information with the cloud or applications/workflows spanning different data centers.
  • Distributed Cloud:
  • Interconnecting cloud environments, translating into enhanced user experiences.
  • Combining an IPSec VPN with native application steering and fully-programmable APIs.
  • Building efficient cloud integration frameworks for allowing quick access to critical applications/resources. 

Sufficient attention must be diverted to SD-WAN’s more influential roles within your enterprise.

It can play a decisive part in quick-secure new networking environments’ rollouts and connecting users/resources to data or applications. Single remote workers, branch offices, high-performance data centers, and distributed cloud environments can be securely connected to the distributed network, shortening deployment times.

Simultaneously, as deployments spread, we cannot downplay the necessity of advanced management-orchestration tools and an integrated SD-WAN orchestrator for improving performance and scalability.

InfiNxt Secure SD-WAN is admired worldwide as the go-to solution for business agility, inherent economics, and optimized cloud architecture. It carries incomparable features ranging from Zero Touch Provisioning, Streaming Telemetry, enterprise-class security through an inbuilt next-generation firewall (NGFW) powered by Palo Alto Networks, Role-based management, and improved application performance, user experiences, to business productivity, and reduced costs.

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