Gain complete visibility and ensure your network
behavior by leveraging a single source of truth in your network data.

Automate the Discovery of Network Devices

As a network discovery tool, Infiworx software uses SNMP monitoring to discover all SNMP-enabled devices on your network and create a detailed inventory of your network. Large, multi-vendor networks with a wide variety of equipment benefit greatly from this tool. Infiworx software helps you automatically discover the devices on your network using the IP address, range, or subnet you provide along with your SNMP credentials. New devices can be identified by running a discovery once or through a scheduler at any given time, saving engineers time and providing a single source of truth for all network data.

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Network Topology

As new devices are added to the network, updating the network topology becomes increasingly challenging. As soon as your network devices have been discovered by Infiworx software, custom dynamic network orchestration makes it easy for you to visualize your network.

Network Inventory

Infiworx software is an innovative, scalable, and customer-proven system for cataloging network resources. All information about physical and logical network infrastructures, their configuration, status, and functionality can be stored in the solution, in addition to helping users manage this information. Additionally, it provides highly efficient information management capabilities, thus maximizing telco business processes.

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ICM: Integrated Configuration Management

Infiworx, Integrated Configuration Management, captures and catalogs all relevant relationships between configuration parameters to keep all parameters consistent after a change. Configuration artifacts are generated by the framework and can be imposed on real infrastructures. The framework can simplify the process of converting ad-hoc scripts into structured, repeatable, and maintainable ones.

Management of OS upgrades

Managed OS upgrade services are available in Infiworx. Several settings are provided to schedule the upgrade activity, maintain the list of operating systems, and provide non-compliance reports. Make sure the services are running during pre-checks, OS upgrades, and after upgrades.

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