Auto Resource Scaler

It a KVM based Application Resource Management (ARM) tool that monitors the application VM KPIs like CPU and memory utilization, throughput, and network statistics in the Datacenter (On-prem/On-cloud). A threshold breach initiates the Hypervisor orchestrator to initialize creation of new application VMs to auto scaleout. It has various uses cases in Datacenter and can primarily be used in application where the resources utilization is not always predictable.

Use Case

Infi-scaler monitors the device utilization of the gateway security device and spins up another NGFW VM with in-built load balancer for ingress and egress traffic matches the same for maintaining stateful firewall architecture.

Solution Components

Compute Manager

This component tracks the resource utilization of the selected VMs and it onboards new VMs when it gets triggered by the policy enabler.

Policy Enabler

Its checks and updates the policy in the central firewall orchestration application. It is also tightly integrated with the compute manager and orchestrator that fires up new VMs at the breach of the threshold defined in the policy.


Orchestrator interacts with the hypervisor to create the new VMs as required by the Policy engine.

Load Balancer

This component is a 2 way load balancer that handles both ingress and egress traffic and ensures that the return traffic entering the Egress interface of the solution is processed by the same VM which has processed the incoming traffic entering the ingress interfaces.

Reporting Module

The reporting module is an integral part of the INFI-SCALER system. This has various reports available from the Virtualization stack, the VM firewall KPI like CPU, memory, traffic etc.

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