Next-Generation Firewall that delivers comprehensive network visibility and security for your network and data

Kernel based single pass architecture

InfiWall provides a firewall system that runs within the kernel of the operating system and processes network packets in a single pass by merging the principles of Kernel-based and Single Pass Firewall into its basic architecture. This incredible combination has resulted in the development of a firewall that is efficient, quick, and operates at a low level in the network stack, making it extremely effective at filtering and safeguarding network traffic.

Cloud based enterprise grade security intelligence

InfiWall’s cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) assists under-resourced security operations analysts in staying ahead of threats. Threat information streams from multiple sources are integrated into InfiWall cloud security. These feeds include data on known threats, vulnerabilities, and attack trends. Organizations may proactively guard against possible threats and weaknesses by employing these feeds.

TLS Inspection may be used to detect evasive threats

Malware frequently use encryption to conceal its existence and avoid detection. TLS inspection allows security devices to look for malware signatures or behavioural patterns associated with malicious software in encrypted content. InfiWall can design bespoke TLS inspection policies that describe which types of communication to check and which to allow without inspection.

Improve Business Productivity with Application Control and Real-Time Visibility

InfiWall disables wasteful apps during work hours, prohibiting employees from accessing social networking, online gaming, or other time-wasting applications and therefore minimizing bandwidth utilization. It also enforces the usage of safe and certified apps, hence avoiding potential security issues.

Restricted access through L7 visibility

Through its AI-based Threat Intelligence that covers over 300M sites or domains, Infiwall instantaneously offers industry-leading cybersecurity protection to your network. Organizations may now define custom categories to prohibit or whitelist websites.  Malicious websites that have been identified as harmful can be banned using Web/URL filtering, preventing such assaults. InfiWall provides real-time protection from phishing attacks that focusses on sending phishing messages to manipulate a user, causing them to perform actions like installing a malicious file, clicking a malicious link, or divulging sensitive information such as access credentials.

Advanced protection against cyber threats

InfiWall utilises deep content inspection to stop evasive threats that would otherwise evade IP, Port, and DNS based screening. It uses features like IPS/IDS with the combination of AI based threat intelligence and other cognitive tools it protects the network against such novel malware by instantly identifying them and stopping new botnets from initiating cyber-attacks.

Centralised monitoring and control

Centralized administration extends across all dispersed branch environments, allowing administrators to deploy and orchestrate settings and policies, as well as swiftly identify and remedy issues that might result in cyber-risk exposure and network failures. Infiwall may be easily managed from the cloud and via a single pane of glass.

Third party integration and customization

InfiWall is derived from the Make in India initiative and strategy proposed by the Govt of India. The availability of the development team and IPR within the nation allows for a faster response to client modification requirements. The solution also supports REST API for seamless integration with third party applications and business intelligence tools.

InfiWall product variants

  1. InfiWall – iEdge 50
  2. InfiWall – iEdge 100
  3. InfiWall – iEdge 100L
  4. InfiWall – iEdge 100F
  5. InfiWall – iEdge 1000

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