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Effective Automated Orchestration for SD-WAN!

Acknowledging what SD-WAN or Software-defined wide-area networking brings to the table is merely the first step. Simplifying its operations lies at the heart of a successful implementation and expansion.

Organizations adopting SD-WAN, especially those deploying an overlay for compensating their solutions’ inadequate security features, often experience provisioning, meshed VPN, multiple-network-edges management challenges, and constant configuration adjustments as time-consuming IT burdens.

Such issues understandably result in infrastructure complexities, increased manageability difficulties, and the creation of defensive gaps at the network edge.

An Imperfect Solution? Centralized orchestration-automation + orchestration functions.

  • Streamlines general SD-WAN deployment-management everyday operations.
  • Efficient workflows with no human intervention.
  • Removes complexities.
  • Simplifies network operations.
  • Minimizes risks.
  • Lowers down the costs.

What One-sided Orchestration Solution Lacks?

  • Does not combine SD-WAN networking and security functions’ management and orchestration.
  • Only pays attention to the network side of SD-WAN deployment.
  • Unable to cater to a variety of SD-WAN deployment security functions.
  • Exposes organizations to avoidable risks.
  • Not able to correlate configurations and policies among crucial networking and security functions.
  • Fails to handle the security gaps arising from less-than-firmly synchronized networking and security.
  • Leads to compliance obstacles.

The Recommended Approach: An orchestration tool that addresses SD-WAN deployment’s network side and also the security functions it needs.

  • Consolidates and automates networking and security tools’ management.
  • Eliminates disaggregated branch infrastructure complexities.
  • Simplifies operations.
  • Reduces the attack surface.
  • Promotes digital innovations.

Benefits of an Effective Orchestration System for SD-WAN

1] Simplified Provisioning of SD-WAN: Provisioning can be costly; it can include overhead expenses and consume much time, more so when the security has to be deployed as an overlay solution.

  • An effective orchestration system permits the SD-WAN to be pre-provisioned via a phone-home connection.
  • Plugged-in at the branch; it instantly connects to the primary office through a broadband connection where it gets remotely configured by the orchestration system.
  • Saves solution deployment time.
  • Ensures networking/security configurations and policies are synchronized with each other.

2] Optimal Functioning of SD-WAN Connectivity in Larger Deployments: In place of siloed security-solutions at every branch, security must be integrated across all branches and remote office locations. It helps in preventing, detecting, and swiftly responding to threats in real-time.

  • Automation ensures a consistent application and enforcement of security, particularly when bracketed with APIs, to achieve extensive interoperability across solutions.

3] Single-click Multi-cloud Connectivity for Improved Application Performance: Network/security engineers should have visibility across the whole attack surface from one location.

  • Automation is indispensable for sufficiently protecting all connections considering the sophisticated modern-day threats.

4] Network Breach Detection: Undetected malware’s dwell times can stretch to months, if not years.

  • Automation shortens the gaps separating network breaches/their detections and remediations.
  • The central orchestration system coordinates policy-based automated response actions across a distributed environment and leverages intelligence automation and security workflows.
  • It sees and correlates threat information collected from remote locations to reduce detection/remediation times substantially.

5] Weakened Meshed VPN Complexities: Meshed VPN, if not automated, can potentially get the better of your limited IT resources. The complexity drastically goes up when new branch offices are brought online and are interconnected.

  • The centralized automated orchestration system manages VPN deployments.
  • Ensures availability and gets rid of configuration errors.
  • Realigns resources depending on traffic volumes and other benchmarks.

The sheer value or organizational advantages of merging the management-orchestration of SD-WAN’s networking and security functions cannot be overstated.

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