SD WAN Vendors in India

After several years of relative stability, the dynamic business landscape and uncompromising needs of applications and users have spurred tremendous development in IT Networking. Frequent technological advancements transform networking from static infrastructure to more flexible, secure, future-ready, and hybrid-cloud infrastructure. This resulted in unparalleled SDWAN as a Service technology management difficulties, which have become a rising corporate problem.

Early SD WAN networks providers were primarily concerned with lowering costs by replacing MPLS with low-cost broadband.

With an in-built NGFW, Infinxt Next Generation SD-WAN manages data and network security. Powered by Palo Alto Networks, SLA-based Application Performance Enhancement, Traffic Shaping, Multi/Hybrid Cloud App aware routing, and typical SDWAN Architecture is available.

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    SD WAN Solutions – India

    Infinxt is available with following variants as Top SD WAN Vendor in India


    Infinxt is a true SD-WAN that is built on the core fundamentals of SDN that mandates the solution to have the Control Plane decoupled from the Data Plane. The solution is industry and business agnostic whereby it would be able to meet any type of WAN requirements. Hub CPE can catter upto any number to form IP-SEC tunnel.


    The Secure Next Generation SD-WAN offering from Infinity Labs provides its customers with the best of both Network connectivity and Application security. Hub CPE can catter upto any number to form IP-SEC tunnel.

    Next Generation Managed Secure SD-WAN Feature

    Zero Touch Provisioning

    Zero Touch Provisioning : You don’t need to be a Tech geek to create a completely secured overlay network on existing internet. Infinxt Mobile APP based ZTP makes it possible just in a few clicks

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    Streaming Telemetry

    Streaming Telemetry is one of our key USPs of the solution which is a game changer. This enables real time device monitoring and collection of KPIs like CPE Health, WAN, CPU, Memory utilization, Latency, Jitter etc of network elements ensuring real time analytics.

    WAN Cost Optimization

    Infinxt Next Generation Secure Software Defined WAN is the technology to virtualize WAN transport and get operational cost efficiencies and faster go to market by replacing / aggregating traditional circuits with cost-effective Internet Broadband and LTE. The technology ensures better uptime using link redundancy fortified with Next Generation Security.

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    Next Generation Firewall

    Legacy firewall security solutions react to new threats. Intelligent network security stays ahead of attackers and improves business continuity. Infinxt SD-WAN comes with a pre-hosted Palo Alto Networks VM that provides the additional Layer 7 security, URL filtering, and threat protection.

    Palo Alto Networks industry-leading family of next-generation firewalls are the first to leverage machine learning for proactive real-time and inline zero-day protection.

    Role based Management

    Infinxt provides its customers flexibility in management of Network operations and security through dedicated dashboards to NoC and SoC teams. User access rights to the controller would be clearly pre-defined as per their roles and responsibilities.

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    On cloud

    On Cloud

    Infinxt provides its customers with the ease of management where controller hosted in the Public cloud would be managed by Infinity Labs and the customer needs to manage only their profile. Infinxt Controller can be scaled horizontally. It also support DC/DR setup either on-prim or on cloud.

    On Premises


    If the compliance requirement urges the customer to host the solution in their own on-prem datacentre / IaaS, Infinxt is flexible to meet this requirement. Infinxt Controller can be scaled horizontally. It also support DC/DR setup either on-prim or on cloud.