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How is SD-WAN Proving to be a Valuable Networking Technology?

In the last few years, you must have heard about SD-WAN and how it is revolutionizing network technology. Often SD-WAN is associated with the optimization of networks, using the technology reduces the expenditure of a company while increasing the productivity of the employers and workers. It is also considered to be a cost-effective and more robust network. However, specific concerns have plagued the usage of SD-WAN, and one of them is the potential security concern. Experts believe that the apprehension about SD-WAN’s security can be mitigated. The enterprises just have the make the right innovative choices concerning their business objectives and security that will offer a solution for today and the foreseeable future. 

With a study conducted by IDC, it was found that as many as 78% of different organizations have deployed SD-WAN, and those who have not been planning to do it within the next year. So, what makes SD-WAN such a viable option for various industries and enterprises as a valuable networking technology?

Here are 7 top reasons that make SD-WAN a technology that is in demand. 

Connectivity: SD-WAN helps with connectivity, the technology does not depend on the traditional network system. Since SD-WAN as a branch connects to the cloud or data center directly, it reduces the transit time. As a result, the performance is better. That almost reduces the bottleneck problem, as well as decreased the overhead, while improving the performance of the applications. SD-WAN for specific categories of traffic helps with accelerated connectivity by allowing branches to avail the optimal network transport. 

Connectivity with Cloud: The centralized data center hosts applications used in traditional WAN architecture. However, with cloud applications, this method is not that effective. With cloud-based applications SD-WAN can transport data directly to the cloud from the branch, hence making it more efficient. 

Security: One of the main drivers of SD-WAN adoption is security. It offers a wide variety of security options that are applications-based, like firewall, URL filtering, intrusion prevention, and various other integrated threat management abilities. This security feature enables enterprises and businesses to opt for a decentralized security model. Furthermore, with SD-WAN, the enterprise does not have to back-haul the cloud traffic to the data center. Instead of inspection, the SD-WAN can leverage the significant security features and connect it to the branches of the cloud-based apps with direct and secure internet access. All these features can be configured and managed from a central management platform. 

Visibility: With SD-WAN, an enterprise can benefit from its visibility into traffic and network operations. It has been studied that 70% of application outages are caused due to network issues. With the deployment of applications that are band-with heavy, different mobile devices, and cloud-based solutions the network becomes congested, resulting in packet loss as well as outages. With SD-WAN, administrators can have a clear view of traffic and the network. This allows the admin to identify any issues that are plaguing the network and implement steps to resolve the issue. Better visibility of the traffic and network also enables the administrator to improve the experience of when they conduct application and capacity prioritizing planning. 

Better Service and Application Control: Service-level agreement can be defined by the SD-WAN administrator for a given application. This ensures that the path taken across the network meets the SLAs, enabling the routing of the traffic over private circuits as well as specific traffic via a broadband internet that is more affordable. This allows for less circuit congestion, and the performance of the application is improved, while reducing the networking costs, thereby enhancing the experience of the user. With the administrator having the ability to route traffic via different transports, SD-WAN allows prioritization of mission-critical applications. SD-WAN’s QoS capabilities also help the administrators to prioritize critical applications so they can perform better while de-prioritizing apps that are unimportant. 

Centralized Management: SD-WAN uses a central toll for its network control instead of different data routing center or individual branches. This feature of SD-WAN allows the administrators to have a bird-view of the entire network and have the ability to manage it centrally and push out different policies to the branches. Within an hour, branches can be brought remotely online. The network management thus gets more simplified and strengthened. 

Cloud-Support Strategy: Many organizations are not looking into centralized management that helps in deploying the cloud-first strategies. SD-WAN is the solution that pushes for cloud connective, visibility of traffic and network, security and prioritization of application. While traditional WAN still uses the central data center, whereas, SD-WAN is here to meet the demands placed by cloud computing. 

With the demand for the Internet of Things (IoT) and the mobile devices clogging up the traditional wide area networks (WAN), the SD-WAN  has been able to address significant concerns and challenges. It allows the IT team to ensure a better user experience and network performance while reducing the overall cost. This has led SD-WAN to become of the most valuable networking technologies in recent times.  

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