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Develop Multi-Cloud Environment With SD-WAN

Secure SD-WAN for multi-cloud is created to ensure highly secure and high-performance connections between public cloud workloads. Secure SD-WAN for multiple clouds enables a consistent network architecture that harnesses the potential of SD-WAN in the clouds. It also enables application developers and the enterprise IT team to build a cloud network and security infrastructure through the high-speed seamless cloud.

According to a recent report, 93% of companies at present adopt a multi-cloud strategy and work with several different cloud providers to fulfill some business needs, including data backup, application resilience, disaster recovery, and worldwide coverage. On the other hand, many firms choose to connect their clouds through the local WAN edge data center; managing and securing a diverse portfolio of private and public workloads and cloud environments remains a defy.

It is a platform that simplifies the administration of WAN networks, automating the implementation and improving the performance of the applications, through the multiple links used by today’s companies. It is made up of three components: Edges, Gateways, and an Orchestrator.

Unlike other products on the market, which were born as routing or security companies and later incorporated these functionalities, this tool was entirely designed and conceived as an SD-WAN solution.

SD-WAN, As A Multi-Cloud Enabler

For the sake of simplicity, most companies typically opt for a public cloud. However, larger companies that need best-in-class end up using a multi-cloud environment. For example, multi-cloud adoption could have workloads distributed across all chief platforms such as Azure, AWS, and GCP. Except if the infrastructure is extremely new, traditional WANs over MPLS are not capable of assisting a multi-cloud architecture. These WAN implementations are often expensive, inflexible, and cannot handle big data.

Many SD-WAN service providers have noticed this trend and have entered into partnerships with the most popular cloud computing providers to meet customer expectations. We, Infinity Labs provide SD-WAN services tailored to the specific cloud.

SD-WAN Overcomes the Challenges of Broadband

Using Internet access redefining the economics of networks now is the time to dynamically utilize broadband services on the SD-WAN. That is, on condition that concerns about reliability, performance, and security can be overcome.

Main Characteristics Of SD-WAN

It is truly Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP), which means that you can deploy a branch in a matter of minutes, and the only one of its kind that has an agreement with Microsoft to use the gateways hosted in the same cloud. This allows us to improve the connectivity experience of applications, such as Teams, O365, Azure, etc.

SD-WAN offers flexibility in management of network security & network operations. It also provides WAN cost optimization by replacing / aggregating traditional circuits with cost-effective Internet Broadband and LTE.

What Benefits Does SD-WAN Offer to Businesses?

Replacing MPLS with internet links achieves an estimated OPEX savings of 45% (this value is also supported by reports and analysis from IDC and Gartner)

Streaming Telemetry enables real-time monitoring & collection of crucial KPI like WAN, CPU, Latency, Jitter and, memory utilization etc. of network elements ensuring real-time analytics. It also allows increased visibility and reporting of the WAN.

Greater Demand For SD-WAN Secure Solutions Due to The Pandemic?

Without a doubt, there has been an increase in the consumption of applications such as Zoom or Teams to hold virtual meetings, and this has generated the need to optimize connection networks. And in this sense, we are the only solution on the SD-WAN market that allows us to offer an advantage in Work-From-Home environments, thanks to the fact that we can guarantee a greater availability of application service.

At Infinity Labs, we are specialists in this solution, and we have carried out successful projects in different areas of the market. We are backed by years of trust and relationship with our clients, as well as a team of professionals that have, on average, years of experience in the IT sector, and that is constantly being certified in the latest product updates. Likewise, we have an innovative spirit that accompanies us in each of our projects, so we always work focused on improving the customer experience.

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