Automation and Orchestration bring a significant benefit to enterprise as they seek to avoid cost and improve revenue. As you embark on the journey to automate and orchestrate your network operations, we take a holistic approach to analyze and isolate the areas that have the biggest effects on your Business.

Network Automation and Orchestration has been designed with a strategy for providing networking professionals with the best of tools and technologies that reduce the operational burden of managing a Network. This strategy begins with simplified architectures that are easy to manage, reduce the number of managed devices, and abstract the complexity of the Network Topology.

Our expertise in Orchestration, Management and in Network Automation is proven by the fact that our team has automated the World’s Largest Network of 200K devices.

We provide a very wide range of Services in Network Automation ranging from Small to Big, Homogeneous to Heterogeneous, Routers to Servers, and so on. So, if you want to focus on your Core Business initiatives, reduce the complexity in your IT resources, modernize your network and IT platform to a more Scalable, Reliable and Predictable to achieve the operational excellence by reducing the Implementation Costs, then feel free to Contact Us.

Network Discovery And Topology

Improved Asset Substantiation-Discover how your assets are getting utilized and benchmark asset utilization. Co-relate benchmarks with performing and non-performing assets.

Increased Efficiency-Automated network discovery saves time and reduces manual errors, thus reduces the human efforts. Once discovery process is accomplished successfully, it can enable users to generate detailed analytical report for the discovered devices which will help the Senior Management and CXO level executives in management strategic decisions about Asset Efficiency and New Procurement’s.

Efficient Asset Management- Know your Network better, understand what devices are deployed across the Network, find out logical assets unitized such as IP address, VRFs, Routing Protocols etc.

With our Automated Network Discovery Services, we not only help you understand your Network but empower you to manage it in most optimized way.

Our experts deploy the best and cutting edge solutions to present you the effective recommendations to improve efficiency of network performance. Our suite of Automated Network Discovery services includes:

  • -> Automated Topology Discovery of all network devices
  • -> Identification of Physical and Logical Inventory
  • -> Mapping and Visualization of Network Topology
  • -> Documentation and safe keeping of Network Information
  • -> Comprehensive Analysis and Recommendation Report
Network Discovery Topology

Network Build & Migrate

Infinity Labs designs enterprise networks that are flexible and aid in quick deployment of new services. By leveraging our services, enterprises can increase their service velocity and have a competitive edge in the market. The architecture of Build and Migrate matches the business & technical goals, reduce delays & rework during implementation and decrease disruption to your production network and migrate faster using automated tools to speed refresh lifecycle. Successful network architecture Build and Migrate require:

  • -> A quality assured process
  • -> State-of-the-art tools
  • -> Proven methodologies
  • -> Phased migration plan that aligns your business and technical strategies


Network Architecture Migration services help you successfully deploy new network architecture solutions. We help you reduce time to completion and minimize any negative effects on your production environment. We can provide you a single point solution encompassing complete Planning, Integration, Zero Touch Provisioning, Acceptance Testing, Hand over Take Over with a range of services like Audit: Plan Vs Built, End to End Connectivity details, Resiliency Status Collection and many more.

Network Operate & Optimise

Infinity Labs offer enterprise to significantly enhance their operational efficiency, by addressing the limitations of silo organizational structures that make little use of Automation, Data Sharing and Resource Synergies through centralized operations built upon automation.

We deliver solutions with proven methodology for efficiency which ultimately let the enterprise to experience improved network experience for their Customers. The tools developed for automation helps to Operate & maintain your network at best cost and save time by features like OS upgrade and Integrated Change Management (ICM).


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