Rakesh Goyal, CEO, Infinity Labs, said in his Industry Keynote Address before the session began, “17-20 million young people are joining the job market every year. We have the third largest entrepreneurship system in the world and this is growing. The pace of tech shift is scary to a large extent. A major shift will be from closed source to an open source. Traditionally, enterprises feel more secure in a closed source system. But they have to adapt to open source system. They also have to adapt to the shift from humans to machines because of AI, ML, VR, AR etc. s means that humans should do more and more innovation and machines can do more and more monotonous jobs. The industry has to contribute to reskilling. Some industries are spending money on this, but this has to be a collaborative effort.”


We are living in an era of Information Technology. We get to see new advancements in this field every now and then. It was almost unrealistic two decades back to even imagine of any software or application which would make a machine capable of speaking like human beings. For these advancements, we should be grateful to those IT companies which have literally transformed our lives. Infinity Labs is one amongst those few visionary companies ch have completely shaped the lives of millions of people with the help of its experienced and highly qualified team of techpreneurs. The CEO Magazine got to know an in-depth knowledge of IT Software Solutions by Infinity Labs, the company which is considered a market leader in the IT domain. In an exclusive chat with Mr. Rakesh Goyal, CEO of Infinity Labs, we bring to our effervescent readers an interesting and inspirational insight of this burgeoning technology giant.

Infinity Labs is a pioneer in providing its services in the spheres of Automation, Network Design, IT Security, Cloud Computing and Virtualization. It has the privilege to serve the largest telecom companies in India. Apart from this, its excellence can be corroborated by the fact that it developed automation workflow for four companies listed among Fortune 500 companies. The company has been working with a mission to streamline the convolution of networking for many years. This has led it to devise and empower the best Automation and Orchestration ambience and contrivances. The smart work and technical soundness of the company makes networking effortless, swift and out-and-out for its clients. Company boasts of having a big team of more than four hundred smart working employees. These team members are imbued with technical excellence and sound knowledge of rapid changes which are taking place in technological world. Its workforce is spread across some of the mega cities of India which includes Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru and NOIDA. Its focus on building robust knack and strong will to establish long term relations with client has earned it clientele who are spread across India, Middle East, United Kingdom and the USA.