Network planning and design

Network planning and design task is about encompassing topological design, network synthesis and network realisation. It is aimed to ensure that network meets the need of required service for today and provides scalability to meet futuristic needs.

Service Provider & Enterprise

Infinity Labs designs service provider networks that are flexible and aid in quick deployment of new services. By leveraging our services, enterprises can increase their service velocity and have a competitive edge in the market.

Network Design Planing

Acceleration of business services – We provide a network design that is scalable, flexible, agile and aids in quick delivery of business services.

Improved user Quality of Experience (QoE) –Users today evaluate the services in terms of speed. Infinity Labs helps you address the needs of high quality user experience by providing seamless and rapid access to applications and data.

Optimized Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) –Our experts deisgn the network for improved hardware efficiency, simplified network operations and orchestration of processes. This leads to significant reduction in TCO.

Infinity Labs’ services in providing the network design and deployment is the wise choice within competitive list of Service Provider. We not only deal with such issues with professional approach, but we also handle other key factors such as providing subject matter experts, lab and test equipment, and deployment time involved. We have a team of highly experienced engineers that is part of our service offerings to help you design, integrate, implement and manage the complex network.

Our suite of service provider network design & deployment services includes:

  • Designing an agile, elastic and application-centric network
  • Evaluating and designing for bandwidth and subscriber requirements
  • Ensuring design for fast-paced internet services
  • Ensuring business continuity by managing redundancy and resiliency
  • Developing a network that is simple to manage, fast to converge and easy to scale

We at Infinity Labs follow industry accepted best practices and standards as part of our network design and deployment services to offer a network that provides seamless services to the customers and increases business efficiency.

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