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Life @ Infinity

Synergy @ Infinity Labs

We understand that to maintain the highest level of employee productivity, the social and mental well being of our employees is paramount. At Infinity labs we value and cherish personal and professional relationship and maintain the bonhomie with one another. The ample growth opportunities and your attitude towards life and work will define your career at Infinity Labs.


Being a part of Infinity Team feels like

The journey here has been exciting throughout, I have recently completed 3 years with Infinity. The company provides various opportunities for your skills and career growth. The monthly celebrations ensure that you take some time out of the regular routine and explore other aspects of your personality. The work environment is pleasant and various operations teams are always supportive. I appreciate the support provided, specifically in that phase wherein I had some family issues. It is one of the fastest growing company so contribution of every individual matters and good work is appreciated.

Deepali Gujarathi

Project Manager
Location: Pune

I have been with 'Infinity Labs ' since Feb-2015 and I am proud to say I have been here since the beginning of infinity labs. I have seen the organization grow to from a start-up to a brand name organization. It has been an exciting journey for me working on different kind of project with good client like Cisco and reliance JIO. I have been successful so far and see myself growing eventually in the organization. The experience I have gained along the way are irreplaceable and valuable to my career growth.

Swati Chavan

Tech Lead
Location: Mumbai

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