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Zero Touch Deployment

You need not to be a tech geek to create a completely secured overlay network on existing internet. The customer portal makes it possible just in a few clicks. It also provides you a fully functional network operations and NMS at a click of your mouse. The management of sites, network inventory and the link performance are all available in a single pane of glass.

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Telemetry and Machine Learning

Our telemetry and machine learning allows real-time collection of data from CPE and applications.This allows informed decision-making to complete the automation loop.

  • Analysis based on hidden patterns, not only on predefined types.
  • Interactive and Interpretable Visualizations.
  • Quick Actionable Insights in Natural Language.
  • Time-series and predictive behavioral analysis.
  • Integration with Cloud Analytics Platforms.
  • An easy-to-use GUI.
  • Micro services Architecture and Open Northbound APIs
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Optimise WAN transport Cost

Software defined WAN is the technology to virtualise your WAN transport and get operational cost efficiencies and faster go to market by replacing traditional costly MPLS/leased lines with cheap internet broadband. The technology still ensures better uptimes using link redundancy, security using IPSEC.

Competitive Pricing

One size doesn't fit all. Our solution also has various flavors specially designed keeping in mind the specific business needs. We have cost-effective CPE suited for small to medium enterprises as well as high-end CPE suited for larger enterprises.

Use Cases

Connectivity for Retail

If you are a chain of retail stores looking for secure connectivity, this is what you need. It provides secure site-to-cloud, site-to-office, or site-to-site connectivity for your retail stores. It is easy-to-use and cost-effective. You don't have to worry about the expensive MPLS links, IT equipments, and staff.

Inter-office secured connectivity

Get rid of expensive MPLS links and access internet using a secured overlay. Get access to a cloud-based network monitoring and intent following engine. Your WAN, your control!

Instant IoT rollout

Need a quick rollout of sensors, cameras, other IoT processing devices! Is getting a secured, managed yet cheaper WAN transport becoming a challenge? We have the solution... UD-WAN, the skip generation SDWAN.

Connected Branches

Your branches or ATM centers will never be down. Discover how our Gen-Next SDWAN with built-in security and multiple connectivity options enables the ‘Always – ON’ architecture.


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