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  • Design and Deployment

    The rapid growth of internet services and enterprise digitization is driving the need for datacenters that are right sized, energy efficient and aptly provisioned. Infinity Labs helps you design a next generation data center which facilitates business agility and competitive strength while reducing operational and capital expenses.

    What We Can Offer

    End to End Design– Our data center practice team has capability to design all different components of data center such as compute, network , storage , vitrulization , service and security. We also carryout facility design which is percolated from application and user demands. Our facility design team takes care of cooling , power cabling etc. for agile and massive scale data center.

    Increased cost savings and energy efficiency– We deploy green design to reduce energy consumption and improve resource utilization.

    Easier migration to clouds – Our experts design a data center which is scalable, agile and adaptable to emerging technologies such as cloud computing.

    Optimized storage and resource utilization – We enhance your storage capacity, resiliency and performance by deploying best-in-class and latest approaches and techniques.

    Service Offerings

    We provide a suite of services which encapsulate overall lifecycle of data center migration and management. We cater all dimensions of data center designing.

    Our team architects a data center that not only suffices your current network requirements but is adaptable and scalable for accommodating future business requirements also.

    Our DC design and deployment suite of services includes:

    • Designing agile physical and virtual network
    • Designing for optimized server and application performance requirements
    • Defining a robust service layer
    • Architecting efficient network storage area system and network
    • Architecting efficient network storage area system and network

    Our experts intricately design your data center to ensure high business continuity, flexibility and save significant cost.

    We architect and implement a data center that caters your service level agreements and optimizes your cost of operation while improving the quality of services.

  • Virtualisation & Cloud

    The enterprises today are facing growing business demands and budget pressures. Datacenter virtualization fulfills these business demands in a cost-effective manner by supporting high demand workloads, expanding infrastructure, remote users ,and big data advancements.

    Infinity Labs reshapes your data center to a custom virtualized, cloud-based or hybrid structure that sets the pace for your business expansion. We empower your data center to be the main service engine to drive innovation and roll out new business services.

    What We Can Offer

    Improved user Quality of Experience (QoE)– We empower your IT infrastructure by implementing a virtualized and cloud-based network that help you deliver high quality user experience.

    Reduction in CAPEX and OPEX– We design an optimal data center framework that reduces your operation costs by consolidating more workloads on fewer servers, dynamic resource pooling and automation of manual tasks.

    Simplification and acceleration of IT operations– The data center is designed to grow as per the compute capacity and storage demands. We design to ensure optimal pooling of servers, networks, and storage.

    Efficient disaster recovery and adherence to recovery time objectives(RTOs) – We ensure business continuity by provisioning necessary redundancy, dynamic pooling of resources, and automated fail-over.

    Service Offerings

    Infinity labs provide a strategic and comprehensive approach for virtualizing the datacenter. Our team designs the datacenter to ensure optimal pooling of servers, networks and storage and increase agility while reducing the time, efforts and CAPEX.

    Our exhaustive approach of revamping datacenter is as follows:

    • Comprehensive virtualization across all the three domains: network, compute and storage
    • Deployment of suitable virtualization infrastructure manager
    • Deployment of suitable virtualization infrastructure manager
    • Self-service portal for policy based and performance based provisioning
    • Protection of cloud data through perimeter security and micro segmentation
    • Training of resources on new framework

    Our experts architect a well-thought and optimal data center framework that reduces your operation costs by consolidating more workloads on fewer servers and provides flexibility and availability using cloud based resources.

    We empower your IT infrastructure by implementing a virtualized and cloud-based network that help you deliver high quality and highly available services at the lowest possible cost.

    Managed operation services

    Network automation services

    We can help you realize the increased return on investment and ease of using the IT resources through our full-fledged Network Automation services. We have the best of tools, technologies, and highly experienced team that coordinates and orchestrate all your IT resources to define a network architecture.

    Our expertise in orchestration, management and in network automation is proven by the fact that our team has automated the world’s largest network of 70,000 routers.

    We provide a very wide range of services in network automation ranging from small to big, homogeneous to heterogeneous, routers to servers, and so on. So, if you want to focus on your core business initiatives, reduce the complexity in your IT resources, modernize your network and IT platform to a more scalable, reliable, and predictable and achieve the operational excellence by reducing the implementation costs, then feel free to Contact Us.

    Make Network Infrastructure or Services Delivery more Predictable and Reliable.